Top 4 Peculiarities of SEO Optimization of a Website 

 July 12, 2022

SEO is still one of the main components of effective Internet promotion. High search engine rankings have a positive effect on image, organic reach and conversions. But to work effectively you need to meet some important requirements for the site, as well as for optimization.

Analysing Competitors and Collecting the Semantic Core

Competitive intelligence and analysis as done by those offering the best internet marketing services is necessary not only to determine your offer but also to understand what other companies are good at and what they do for it. The same applies to both off-page and on-page optimization techniques in SEO.

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Analysis of competitors is necessary to implement the necessary functionality at the stage of website development, so that the resource is as quickly as possible brought to the top of the output when moving forward. For example, if other companies have a one-click ordering function, it would be a reasonable solution to place it on your site as well. In fact, at this stage, the merits of others are copied, adapted, improved, according to the specifics of business, and implemented in his work.

After that, based on the analysis its necessary to collect a semantic kernel of keywords, which will be used to promote the new site. Then it isn’t superfluous to figure out what SEO results in search engines show competitors. It’s better to perform both of these actions in parallel – for more effective and reality-based work.

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Site Structure

Clearly defined structure, like that you can find at a website for a legal sports betting in NewZealand, allows search robots to quickly analyze the entire resource, and visitors – to easily move from page to page.


It’s created on the basis of a proper UX design and should realize the goals of the business in the shortest possible scenario. In order to understand how effective and logical the site is for the user, it is worth developing and testing the MVP (minimum viable product) in which the main business process will work. Then, based on test team reports and user feedback, adjustments need to be made.

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A Suitable Place to Manage the Site

After the stages of competitive intelligence, the formation of the structure and design need to decide on the platform for managing the resource. Some entrepreneurs prefer to develop it from scratch, but it’s easier and more rational to choose a ready-made CMS. This is a content management system with ready-made solutions for any type of online stores, marketplaces and other sites for sale.


When choosing a CMS, you should focus on a set of functions and scripts, which you can use on your own without having to learn how to program. Content management system will be able to maintain and improve the effectiveness of the developed website functionality, making it a really comfortable platform with good usability.

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SEO and Website Design

Design is considered to be one of the main criteria in the optimization of the Internet resource. The design should be guided by the following principles:


Analyze the search engine leaders and figure out how to do better than theirs; study the CA and strictly focus on its “pains”; adapt the design. If there is more traffic from mobile devices than from desktop ones, then first of all it is necessary to render the design for smartphones and tablets; create a useful resource for customers. It’s more important for users to quickly find the necessary goods by clicking on the screen a couple of times, rather than evaluate the beauty of the design; monitor and anticipate behavioral factors. Design should be attractive in order to make customers want to stay on the site longer. This reduces abandoned carts, increases depth of views and has a positive effect on conversions; monitor loading speed. The design of the site pages should have a minimum load on the server. The optimal speed is no more than 2 seconds.

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