Famous round logos 

 June 15, 2022

The circle is thought to be to be one of the most well-known designs for logos. A logo with a circular shape signifies significant aspects like:

  • unity;
  • stability;
  • integrity.

Because of its earth – and sun-like design, it’s as well associated with the planet and the natural world. A circle is a great choice for monograms or as an object that houses the whole logo. This article will explain the whole story.

What is a logo?

A logo is a distinctive graphic mark that forms an integral part of the visual image of a specific business or organisation. The main purpose of the logo is to distinguish an organization from its competition. By its distinctive design and the selection of appropriate colors it must evoke desired emotions. It is crucial that your logo instantly informs the viewer what exactly the company’s mission is.

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Starbucks is a well-known brand that has a mermaid as the principal character. The siren’s name is distinct from the name of the company. The logo with a circle shape is placed on things like:

  • coffee cups;
  • bags;
  • signs;
  • Numerous other.

When you’re only beginning in the business world, it’s difficult to establish a brand identity without the words in your logo. However, as Starbucks is around for a long time and its name is well-known, it is a good choice independently. The mere symbol can increase the value of the logo to increase scale, readability, and usability.


In 2013 Nivea introduced a brand new logo that featured white letters in a dark blue circular shape, that evokes classic bottles of lotion. In contrast to the previous design of the rectangle logo the circular logo has a contemporary appeal and was instantly recognized.

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The majority of Nivea products have rounded forms. Like the cap of the bottle. The company decided to rebrand the name in a circle shape it was a perfect fit for the products perfectly. When you examine Nivea merchandise, you will get it as if the logo and packaging were designed as one. This helps keep the character of the brand in tact. If you look at that dark blue circle you immediately think of Nivea.


When Pinterest changed into a font sans serif for 2017 The “P” icon remained the same, the red logo within an elongated circle. This “P” looks attractive and slightly imperfect. The bottom of the letter is pushed into the center inside the circle.

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Over time, Pinterest has developed a distinct brand identity. The “P” monogram has become recognized as a distinct entity. The company has changed its logo to a modern sans serif font to represent its logo, yet it retained its iconic red badge.


BMW is among the most well-known and famous logos on the planet and its design has been nearly unchanged since 1917. The logo is the blue and white color scheme which was designed to be inspired by the Bavarian flag. BMW is a fantastic illustration of how to transform monograms into a circular shape.

BMW has kept its brand name for more than 100 years. Since it is based on the fundamental design principles such as contrast the hierarchy, legibility, and scaling. It is easy to distinguish each component from the next. The monogram is a bold sans serif typeface. It is still legible even when the image is reduced in size. One of the most important things to keep in mind when making it.

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Versace is an intriguing and memorable symbol created by a renowned designer in the year 1978. The famous logo was later an element collection. Its Medusa Head of Gorgon, which is arranged around his logo, is now the symbol of the fashion house.

He himself was the designer, speaking about the motivations for the choice of a bizarre logo, stated that the name Versace is an emblem of fatal beauty and elegance that is capable of captivating and enthralling anyone. We can be able to say that Maestro Versace achieved his aim His logo is recognized throughout the world. It is now an icon of exquisite style, impeccable taste and the highest quality.

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Chupa Chups

If you believe that kids do not know about the brands’ logos then you’re mistaken. An excellent example is the brand Chupa Chups. Every child around the world has heard of the products.

The person who created this famous image is none other than Salvador Dali, it was that he who invented the iconic logo for the famous candy on sticks. It is important to honor the founders of the company. They didn’t spare a dime and asked the well-known creator Salvador Dali to create the logo. It is worth noting that their expenses were paid fully. The logo was distinctive in characteristics like:

  • clarity;
  • simplicity;
  • interestingness;
  • clarity;
  • restraint.
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As per the creator the process took just a few minutes. To create this color design, the artist chose Spanish flag colors Then he slightly rounded the letters and then put them in frames.


The logos of the most famous brands are usually striking in their uniqueness. A lot of people around the world are aware of the Apple logo is like. They also know about the founder of the company Steve Jobs. Many believe that Steve created the overbite apple, however it’s not the case.

At first, Apple had a different brand name. Steve did not like the choice because he had a love of minimalism and simple since he was a child which is why it was decided to alter the logo.

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It was a challenging taskthat he assigned the task to Rob Janoff, the designer of the brand new Apple logo. Within a couple of days, Steve had several sketches of rainbow apples in his hand. Jobs picked the standard version that was, to his mind, was more original and interesting.


Are you looking to design circular logos that conveys your company’s image and strengthens your brand? Use a shorter monogram or name if the content is vertical. Choose a bold font to guarantee scalability and more efficient utilization for negative spaces. If you’re looking for more of an icon-like look take a look at what elements you would like to incorporate into the circle.

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